Woodlands Adventure – Our ethos

Founded as the Birmingham Boys & Girls Union (BBGU) in 1906, we are one of Birmingham’s oldest children’s charities now operating as Woodlands Adventure & Outdoor Learning. When the BBGU was formed, it played a vital role in supporting many impoverished and disadvantaged children within the city of Birmingham – and the stand out principles established then have shaped what we are today.

We are a registered charity (1120499) and operate as a non-profit organisation, with all money received in donations and paid visits put back into the activity centre, thus allowing us to fulfil our charitable work.

Access for all

We aim to bring the Woodlands Adventure experience to all – and our site is visited by approximately 12,000 visitors a year. The activity centre is designed, and staffed, to accommodate a wide range of people, as well as catering for those with additional needs.

We believe it is important that every child has the opportunity to experience nature and the great outdoors, first hand. Many of the children that visit us, through our charity work, have never been beyond their city or town, and haven’t seen the green, wide-open spaces of our rural countryside. Our principle aim is to help change that, for children in the West Midlands, many of whom are disadvantaged in some form, and your custom directly assists us in achieving our aims, year after year.

We work with local schools and the community to offer young people, many who are underprivileged, the chance to experience our activity centre . We recognise that visiting our centre is an opportunity that can be out of reach for many young people in the region, for reasons beyond their control.

Learn valuable life skills

Outdoor learning is a broad area, with a range of direct and indirect benefits. We firmly believe that opportunities, like the ones we provide, can play a crucial part in a child’s development. Visitors don’t just get to learn how to use a bow and arrow, or paddle a canoe; valuable life skills, such as teamwork and self-confidence, are nurtured as a result of spending time here.  From a single half day session to a multiple night residential stay, the benefits are there for all to experience.