Charitable Support

Over the last 20 years, we have been very fortunate to have been able to undertake a major programme of constructing suitable buildings, installing new facilities, and up-grading existing facilities, the results of which are now very clearly in evidence. This has been achieved through the very generous support, much of which has been substantial, of numerous Charitable Trusts, including some which provided grants towards our first project, the Dormitory Block in 1997/8. Since then, Woodlands Adventure has been completely transformed into the modern, challenging and enjoyable activity centre it is today.

Many of these Trusts continue to provide their support with our costs, which continue to rise, and the constant need to replace and upgrade. We are proud to include their names on our website because, quite simply, they have been and continue to be the back-bone of our Charity. As one of Birmingham’s oldest children’s charities, now in our 111th year, we would not have been able to continue to serve the children of the West Midlands and beyond without their vital support.

The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust

Miss J B Albright’s Grimley Charity

Aldridge Cooper & Jordan Endowed School Foundation

Alfred Leadbeater Trust

Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Settlement

Baron Davenport’s Charity

Bernard Piggott Charitable Trust

Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs

Bite Size Pieces

CB & HH Taylor 1984 Trust

The Connie & Albert Taylor Charitable Trust

The Dagny Raymond Charitable Trust

The Douglas Turner Trust

Dumbreck Charity

Edgar E Lawley Foundation

The Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust

The Eric W Vincent Trust Fund

The Eveson Charitable Trust

Fitton Trust

The George Cadbury Trust

The George Henry Collins Charity

GJW Turner Trust

The Goodenough Charitable Trust

Grantham Yorke Trust

The Grimmitt Trust

Harry Payne Trust

The Howard Charitable Trust

Jaguar Employees General Charities Fund

The James Beattie Charitable Trust

The James Frederick and Ethel Anne Measures Charity

The Joan Lamb Charitable Trust

The Joseph Hopkins Charity

Lady Tangye Charitable Trust

The Lillie C Johnson Charitable Trust

The Loppylugs & Barbara Morrison Charitable Trust

Lord Austin Trust

The Michael Marsh Charitable Trust

The Pioneer Magazine

The Ratcliff Foundation

Richard Cadbury Charitable Trust

The Roger and Douglas Turner Charitable Trust

Rotary Club of Birmingham Endowment Trust

The Roughley Charitable Trust

The Rowlands Trust

The Saintbury Trust

SAKs Investment Club

Sir John Sumner’s Trust

Stella Symons Charitable Trust

Sutton Coldfield Municipal Charities

The Variety Club

The Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association Limited

The W E Dunn Trust

Whitegates Children’s Trust

The Wilmcote Charitrust