Life skills

  • Communication

Communication is perhaps the most important skill for a developing young person. At Woodlands Adventure, the chance to exercise communication skills and to build relationships, whilst achieving team goals and ensuring personal and others’ safety, is at the forefront of all activities.

  • Problem solving

Nurturing cognitive ability is a necessary part of any person’s self-development – and we put those skills, used for problem solving, to the test. Through orienteering, raft building and many of our other outdoor activities, we present our visitors with many varied challenges to overcome.

  • Resilience

Participating in activities in a new environment, outside one’s usual comfort zone, offers a challenging but controlled experience. Opportunities to help overcome stress or adversity are offered to our visitors in a way that is rewarding, fulfilling and well-managed. In addition,

We can offer new challenges to those who have an interest or basic experience in a particular activity. Pushing boundaries and expectations is something we are very passionate about!

  • Challenge & risk-taking

Our activities at Woodlands will provide many opportunities for stretch, challenge and risk-taking in a well-managed and controlled environment. Visitors overcome their apprehensions to take part in challenging activities, want a second go at things they find challenging the first time, succeed, where before they felt they could not succeed  – and feel proud of what they have achieved before wanting to move on to the next challenge!

  • Self confidence

Learning a new skill and meeting a new challenge are great tools for building self-esteem and self-confidence, essential in life today. With the many varied activities on offer here at Woodlands, everyone can find a sense of satisfaction in achieving a new goal.

  • Motivation

Educating young people in an outdoor setting, such as Woodlands Adventure, can often present a first-time opportunity. The desire to motivate oneself and each other in such a different environment when facing new challenges is something we see day in, day out. Most visitors find new experiences which they enjoy, motivating themselves and their group to achieve and to succeed.

  • Teamwork – leading and supporting

The activities which we offer enable our visitors to understand how teams work. They can take on a leadership role where appropriate or take a step back, allowing others to lead. As such, they are able to help their group arrive at a team decision and implement it.

  • Learning skills

In the time that they spend with us, be it a half day or a week, our visitors will try many activities for the first time. This encourages an active, learning mind. Basic new skills are acquired, rules have to be followed and techniques are learned. Being able to absorb new information and apply it is an excellent mental, as well as a physical, exercise.

  • Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness is important to us all, both on a local and global scale. Our visitors are expected to respect the site and are educated on how to treat the great outdoors. We stress the importance of looking after the trees, plants and wildlife and of being as non-disruptive as possible, minimising our carbon footprint.

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