Student outdoor pursuits for colleges and universities

We have an excellent range of student outdoor pursuits activities suitable for those in Further and Higher Education. Woodlands Adventure programmes are the perfect way to start the academic year, ideal for allowing new students to break the ice and make friends.

Our activity centre also offers a great team building option for sports teams or societies, be it in the middle of term, or as an end-of-year celebration.

A Woodlands Adventure trip offers a unique team building opportunity. We can provide truly challenging student outdoor pursuits activities, requiring you to pull together in your efforts to complete tasks and achieve goals, therefore promoting team work, co-operation and resilience.

We can also provide refreshing and effective fitness sessions, such as our assault course – a step up from your regular training routines!

We offer flexible team bonding packages, catering for groups from 12 people, including:

  • Half-day visits – comprising up to two activities within a 2½ hour session
  • Day visits – comprising up to four activities within two, 2½ hour sessions
  • Residential visits – including evening campfire and BBQ facilities
  • Evening sessions – comprising up to two activities within a 2 hour session

We can also customise student outdoor pursuits programmes to suit larger groups or groups with specific requirements.

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