Youth and uniform groups

Why visit us

Woodlands Adventure is the ideal location for experiencing a wide range of fun and challenging activities, providing a range of benefits for young people. Outdoor experiences are perfect for uniform and youth groups including, but not limited to:

  • Scouting and Guiding
  • Cadets
  • Boys and Girls Brigade
  • Young Firefighters
  • Young Farmers
  • St John Ambulance Badgers
  • Church groups
  • Youth Centre groups

Weekends and school breaks are a perfect time to take your group on an outdoor adventure. Our varied activities will keep your group excited and engaged, making this experience the perfect way to make the most of their spare time.

Immersion into the outdoors provides the setting for self-discovery and improvement. Our activities teach teamwork, social skills, determination, motivation and resilience. We will challenge your young people, allowing them to learn about risk-taking in a controlled, safe setting. Tackling demanding activities will greatly boost self-confidence and self-esteem within the youth and uniform groups.

What we offer

You can choose from our existing programmes or get in touch to discuss the needs and preferences of your group and we will tailor a programme specifically for you. Our packages range from half-day sessions to week-long residential trips, and we welcome youth and uniform groups of all sizes with a minimum of 12 participants.

See our full list of outdoor activities.


We take great pride in having the ability and facilities to work with anyone with any additional requirements or special educational needs. Our staff are well trained and have extensive experience in this area. We believe that everyone deserves the same treatment and opportunities. If you have pupils with additional needs, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss any requirements with you.