Archery Range

At Woodlands archery range we aim to develop your groups understanding of the history of archery, whilst getting hands on and trying it out for yourself!

Archery is a skill developed over thousands of years and a sport since the middle ages, Archery at Woodlands Adventure is a great activity for honing hand-eye co-ordination skills, precision and risk management. Woodlands Adventure brought archery into its range of activities due to its attraction and popularity as a sport with a less physical emphasis, whilst still giving that feeling of personal challenge and mastery.

We can provide archery as both an indoor or an outdoor activity; an indoor activity being in our sports hall and an outdoor activity taking place in our archery range among the acres of woodland that we have here at Woodlands Adventure.

Our instructors will work with you to perfect your stance and aim, and will offer tips and guidance, edging you closer to the bulls-eye each time. We can also organise team games to ensure that you are working on your communication and team building skills.

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This activity promotes

  • Hand - eye co-ordination
  • Risk management
  • Safety awareness
  • Team building