Kayaking is one of the oldest forms of water travel, started by the Inuits in the Arctic Circle using boats covered in animal skins, it is both an educational and intriguing activity, giving you an insight into how it was used by our ancestors as a means of travel, whilst working on your co-ordination, balance and self confidence.

Kayaks are a single-person craft so you are completely in charge of your boat. However, our qualified kayaking instructors won’t be too far out of reach. We will teach you the basics, from paddling forward, to using your paddle to either stop, slow down or turn with the minimum of fuss. Before you know it, you to will be gliding around the island on our lake.

Although kayaking is a solo activity, we do incorporate team building exercises into the sessions. Whether it’s mini races, or getting you to stand up and walk across the boats, the sessions are filled with challenges that really are fun, educational and challenging. We can also tailor sessions suit the needs of the group.


Woodlands Adventure has a gentle lake for you to learn and practice basic canoeing skills. You to work together in twos or threes, moving fluidly across the lake. We will help you master the basics of paddling, turning and picking up pace in the boats, but also involves some team games, races and plenty of opportunities to get each other wet! The sessions are all taught by our qualified instructors and can be tailored and adjusted to suit your group’s needs.

You will need to communicate within your boat so as to not clash paddles, and to ensure that you don’t all paddle on one side of the canoe and end up paddling in circles!


A derivative of canoeing, we connect two canoes together to enable teams of up to six participants to work together. Catamaran gives additional stability and support to the group, catering for all needs.


All participants are issued with the relevant safety equipment comprising of a buoyancy aid and helmet


If you are interested in kayaking, canoeing or catamaran please contact us to find out more, or book with us today!

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This activity promotes

  • Team building
  • Water safety
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Self confidence
  • Communication