Climbing wall and abseiling

The Woodlands Adventure outdoor climbing wall and abseil tower is 40ft tall. This challenging activity enhances communication, team building and trust skills whilst building on your physical strengths.

The purpose-built tower is ideal for learning the basics of safe climbing and is suitable for absolute beginners and regular climbers alike. Our qualified instructors provide training to all participants on how to improve their technique, regardless of whether they’re a first time climber or not.

The north face of our tower is set up for up to two people at any one time to abseil. Held safely by our instructors, you will be in total control of your descent.

Monkey Tree Climbing

For a unique add-on to your climbing session why not look at our Monkey Climb. Set in tree’s near to our climbing wall the tree climb tests the nerve and climbing skills of the participants as they attempt to scale the holds installed on the trunks of our high trees.


We will provide you with the harness and helmet you need to scale our wall and monkey tree safely.

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This activity promotes

  • Spatial awareness
  • Hand - eye co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Communication