School trips for secondary schools


Our secondary school trips provide the perfect opportunity for your pupils to grow and develop individually as well as together as a team. Education outside the classroom is key to developing well-rounded young people and creating a balanced curriculum, which is both self-evident and supported by OFSTED. By leaving the classroom and learning in an environment that is a complete contrast to their usual setting, pupils will gain practical skills and experience.

We have a range of activities which are ideal for teaching:

  • Teamwork
  • Social skills
  • Determination
  • Motivation
  • Resilience

Controlled and safe environment

Immersion into the outdoors provides the setting for self-discovery and improvement, boosting self-confidence. Our activities will challenge your pupils allowing them to learn about risk taking, self-motivation and resilience in a controlled and safe environment. Successfully tackling challenging activities will greatly increase their self-esteem.

Get to know your pupils

Whilst at Woodlands Adventure, your pupils may discover hidden talents and passions and will also develop transferable skills that will stay with them as they develop through their education and life. Our outdoor setting creates the perfect opportunity for you, as a teacher, to get to know your students better, building up their trust and respect.

Team building and school trips

Our trips provide an excellent start of year team building experience for Years 7 and 12. Joining a new school can be daunting and our bespoke programmes can be tailored to focus on team activities designed to encourage integration, communication and trust. Your pupils will develop their emotional and social skills by learning to rely on themselves and work as a team.

These school trips would also be ideal for an end of year experience, especially for those soon to be moving on to new schools or colleges or even leaving full-time education.

Supporting your curriculum

Our staff are fully qualified instructors for the NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme). In addition, GCSE PE students following the Edexcel syllabus can have their scores accredited towards their GCSE attainment. For students registered under different exam boards or working towards other qualifications, such as BTECs or A Levels, we can provide the facilities and training for the practical elements of the course. This can include canoeing, kayaking, climbing or archery.


We take great pride in having the ability and facilities to work with anyone with any additional requirements or special educational needs. Our staff are well trained and have extensive experience in this area. We believe that everyone deserves the same treatment and opportunities. If you have pupils with additional needs, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss any requirements with you.

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