Team building

Our team building sessions have been tailored to teach the importance of working together  and supporting each other, whilst aiming to build confidence and communication skills.

These exercises take the form of various initiative tasks some of which are set in our designated team building area with others incorporated into our assault course. They will challenge you physically and mentally, working together as a team.

Specific tasks are introduced to enable each individual within the group to take the role of team leader.

Some of our tasks are called:

  • The spiders web – negotiate the spiders web without being caught!
  • The crocodile swamp – find your way through without being eaten!
  • The cauldron  – move the cauldron with disturbing the witches’ brew!
  •  The toxic barrel – retrieve the barrel without spilling  the  toxic contents!

The instructor will issue the team with instructions and the boundaries within which the team must work.

The team will be debriefed by the instructor on its performance, both as a team and as individuals.

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This activity promotes

  • Self confidence
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Team building
  • Leadership