Normal operating procedures

We have developed an operating procedure for all activities. In this, we cover the qualifications, training, equipment and procedures needed for a session to run safely. The policy is produced by a one of the senior team and reviewed on an annual basis or, if needed due to changes in equipment, best practice or as a result of incident on site or elsewhere.

Emergency operating procedures

We are well equipped to respond to emergencies – be they medical emergencies, or emergencies caused by adverse weather. Many of the procedures are in place on a day-to-day basis as part of our normal operations.

Safety checks

We carry out our own audits and inspections in regard to safety, conducting routine safety checks on all equipment – either weekly or monthly depending on the equipment being reviewed. We check the integrity of all boat hulls, all ropes and remove or replace any elements where necessary, so that we are always well within the safety requirements.

External technical inspections

We also take external expertise and analysis of our site very seriously. So much so, that in addition to inspection visits from ‘Adventuremark’, ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’, British Canoeing and others to our centre, we also invite an additional external advisor to provide extra assurance to visitors.

Risk assessment

We conduct very thorough risk assessments, both internally and with our visitors as part of our booking process. It’s of the utmost importance that risks of all equipment and activities, as well any additional factors that may be presented by any of our guests, are well understood – to ensure that the right precautions and reactive measures are in place. A copy of these are sent to every customer with the booking invoice.  Other useful documentation can be downloaded from the bookings tab.